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In the contact form below, you have the option to report an offence that concerns the company you are employed at and/or one or more of your colleagues or the management. In order for us to process the report, the offence you report must relate to a matter on which the whistleblower scheme is intended to apply. You can look up which matters are covered by the scheme in your company’s whistleblower policy.

Your submission to the whistleblower system takes place through a secure contact form, and you choose whether you want to be anonymous or inform us about your identity. This website, with the contact form, does not conduct logging and does not use cookies. Therefore, it is not possible to identify you or the data terminal equipment (computer, tablet etc.) based on your use and access to the website.

The website is administrated by DAHL Law Firm on behalf of the company.

When you make a submission to the whistleblower system, personal information will be collected and processed potentially about you, who submit the report, and about the person(s) involved in the matter your submission relates to. The administration of such personal information is regulated by the company’s whistleblower policy. Therefore, you should read through the policy before you make any submissions.

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